Paulina Morris Supports Prop. 100

May 14, 2010

Phoenix – Today, Paulina Morris, candidate for Arizona Third Congressional District, announced she is voting Yes on Proposition 100 next Tuesday, May 18th in order to protect education, public safety and health care.

“I am supporting Proposition 100 because it is consistent with the principles of my campaign: leadership, experience and common sense,” said Morris, “The best thing we can do to help boost Arizona’s recovery is to provide a predictable and stable budget.  Unlike Washington, Arizona has done the hard work and already significantly reduced spending.  I know this first hand from my time at the Department of Administration.”

Morris is the only candidate with experience in fixing broken government and reducing government spending.   As General Counsel & Deputy Director of Arizona Department of Administration, Morris lead state efforts in privatizing operations to achieve greater efficiency, balanced department budgets and reduced the overall size of government.  In 2004, over 62,000 voters elected Morris to the inaugural Maricopa County Healthcare District, which covers roughly the same geographical area as Congressional District 3.  Under Morris’s leadership, the district went from $12 million in debt to $97 million in the bank.

“I am standing up today because I believe that Proposition 100 is the right thing to do.  I’ve seen first hand the size of the financial crisis, and there is no way to solely cut our way out of it,” explained Morris.   “I remain fundamentally opposed to tax increases to solve Washington’s problems.  However, in this case, I support a TEMPORARY 1% sales tax.  Because I love Arizona and we are experiencing an overwhelming and unprecedented fiscal crisis, I must stand with the business and community leaders who support teachers, students, firefighters and police officers


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