Early Voting


By Yes on 100 Team, April 4th, 2010 11:17 PM

Education & Public Safety spending makes up over 60% of the state general fund budget and are two of the MOST CRITICAL components to attracting & maintaining our businesses. If we fail to attract this revenue, future cuts will surely come from these two obligations. Early ballot/Location info here: http://bit.ly/dyPNxg

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Our public education system is in the gutter. Throwing more dollars into this continuing hole will only reap what public educators have already sewn. A mindless bill which will only add to the economic storm this country will be facing in the near future.

You can debate it all you want. The numbers speak for themselves.

Please do some research before you spout off. If increasing taxes and growing the size of government was beneficial, Arizona would be the financial envy of the world. Instead, Arizona's government nearly doubled this decade while our economy is one of the five worst in the country. From 1912 until 1997, general-fund expenditures grew from zero to $6.086 billion. Ten years later, they skyrocketed to $13.961 billion. The meteoric rise in Arizona expenditures under Gov. Janet Napolitano was especially onerous, with a $6 billion increase in just six short years. What did we get with all of that "investment" in state government? A $900 million debt to Bank of America, a mortgaged state capital, a deficit of more than $2 billion, a loss of 300,000 private-sector jobs, an education system whose students are less prepared to enter the job market than at any time in our history, tens of thousands of home foreclosures, and an empty "rainy day" fund. Our most trusted and expert economic minds state that Prop. 100 will actually make our budget problems worse in the future by keeping state spending artificially high and leaving taxpayers facing larger deficits as a result. The Joint Legislative Budget Committee projects a budget deficit in 2014 of $982 million if Prop. 100 passes and only $200 million if Prop. 100 fails. So, there you have it: Pass Prop. 100 and our future deficits get bigger, not smaller. And what about the future for our graduating seniors from our K-12 and university systems? According to separate studies conducted by Elliot Pollack and the Goldwater Institute, Prop. 100 will cost Arizona tens of thousands of private-sector jobs - projections range from 24,000 to 40,000. So, Prop. 100 raises tax bills for everyone while fewer taxpayers with jobs survive to pay those bills. Prop. 100's proponents are asking Arizona voters to buy into their false claims. They've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertisements claiming Arizona has 145,000 more students enrolled now than in 2004. In fact, the state Department of Education reports the number of students in district schools in September of 2004 was 887,489 and the current number is 931,844, an increase of 44,355 students, not 145,000. Moreover, the JLBC report on "Expenditures to K-12 District M&O Budgets" shows state general-fund appropriations soared from $3,349,554,200 in 2004 to a whopping $5,079,427,900 in fiscal 2009. Would you believe that education was underfunded if you knew that the number of students in K-12 district schools increased by only 4.9 percent while legislative appropriations increased by 51.64 percent? Of course not, and that's why they are not telling you the truth! Furthermore, student counts in district schools have declined from 950,815 in 2008 to 931,844 now. That reduction of 18,971 students amounts to 632 fewer classrooms (at 30 students/classroom), yet the governor and education unions continue their demand for billions in additional taxes from your pocket. Unless we stop the fiscal insanity at all levels of government, the most vulnerable among us will see their lifelong efforts to experience the American dream dashed on the rocky shoals of financial ruin. Reducing the size of government will increase personal freedom and create a brighter future for all Arizonans. Vote "no" on Proposition 100! Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/viewpoints/articles/2010/05/16/20100516prop-100-verschoor.html#ixzz0oITV4Pe6

• There are better ways to solve the problem including an across the board increase in income taxes, increasing the state equalization property tax and eliminating the numerous goods and services exempted from the sales tax. Rejecting the one-cent sales tax increase would put these options back on the table. The threatened cuts to education and public safety are just threats, they don’t have to happen if the tax increase is rejected. While it might seem counter intuitive and against their own best interest, the best thing voters can do May 18 is make things worse so that we can finally muster the anger and the will needed to make things better. Vote no on Prop. 100.

Also just to add on my last comment, you do realize that Az has lower taxes then most other states? Honestly do some research, then again since you care so little about your children's education so maybe you can't?

I don't live in AZ anymore however I have a lot of family (teachers mostly) still there. i don't understand how people can say "everyone is dealing with less so students should too". Are you kidding me? Kids should deal with less when it comes to their education? We are already slipping nationwide with education and your solution it to cut it more? Wow no wonder we are largely considered the stupidest country in the world, I have to say I agree. Students don't have seats, some schools DON'T HAVE BOOKS, you have schools with 40+ students per class and no one thinks this should change? No you don't have a guarantee that the money will go to just the schools but what is your other solution? Maybe instead of saying "schools should deal with less" we should actually give a damn about students again... What a thought right?

Shame on our government for using our safety and the well-being of our children to scare the general population into voting for this new tax. Passing this proposition simply gives the government permission to continue over-spending and it won't be temporary. What do you think they will want 3 years from now as they continue with the usual spending spree. How about some major pay cuts for the wealthy politicians that are misusing our tax dollars. How about cutting out luxury items we pay for like first-class plane tickets and extravagant vacations, dinners, etc. There are plenty of ways for our government to cut costs but it always come down to education and public safety because that is what makes people tick. The bottom line is "if you can't afford it you can't have it". We need to start digging ourselves out of this hole and this tax will only perpetuate our downward spiral. Cuts need to start at the top, not in the middle. If this tax does not pass it will force our government to do some serious re-evaluation and that is long over-due. Our kids will still go to school and our law enforcemet will still exist and I am sick and tired of listening to supporters of prop 100 tell me that I don't care about kids and education if I vote no. That is just absurd and I AM voting NO.

Is there any way I can get my phone number removed from your list? I understand you want to help education, but I'd rather not be reminded of it EVERY DAY IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS! I mean, what's the purpose of a campaign call at 10 AM on a Wednesday? I'm about to vote no on this thing just because of how annoying the campaign has been.

Looking into my crystal ball I see Prop 100 passing and a bunch of state employees getting raises all round and schools still taking a bullet...

Why does this fleecing of our citizens...er....tax to "help all the children" continue to be intentionally misrepresented. Every penny goes to the general fund, and who trusts the government to appropriate funds accordingly or much less manage their way out of a paper bag.

Why would I add more to the grocery bills and other necessities when you have not completed balancing your budget first? I think there is plenty of waste within the system that needs to be done away with first! No on 101 until you first stop the waste and then see if it is necessary. If you can't hire people who are willing to work and be good citizens vs mean and self serving toward the people (us citizens)they work for, then they need to be cut! I can't get the county to grade my road, they say it doesn't belong to them. But you have road workers redoing over passes all along the highways over and over again, obviously they can't do things right the first time! Stop wasting our money on bad planning, bad employee's, costing us tourism dollars by bringing our border problems to the national stage, and lots of other things that cost us money unecessarily. When you start threatening schools, healthcare for mentally ill and others, to me you are asking to have federal monies refused because you are not providing the services you recieve money to do! NO to 101! If this goes through on regular sales tax which hurts the poor, I may just drive to California once a month to shop, just on general principle. If you want to add a tax, add it as a Luxury tax like other states have done. This effects big ticket items that 98% of residents can't afford, but the tax would not even touch those who can afford those consumers who can afford the items! You are asking for more in sales tax than many other states who don't have state income taxes yet have more people and just as many services, some have more, but they balance their budget. You should have never gambled our state money in the stock market. You should fire yourselves for doing that!!!

AREYOU KIDDING......you want to give our state government more of your tax dollars, the same people that can not control thier own spending! Read the Prop100 I can not find any wording that states how much of that money will go to the schools and will all the fraud and over spending, WE THE PEOPLE should not give that same people more money!

I want people who haven't voted to think about some of the programs that will be cut before you vote. Magellan Health Services is one of those programs. that's riight, one of the few programs those with severe mental illnesses have for help and support is going to have to cut services to those that do not have Medicaid. If you will not vote on this for our children, and you will not do this for our hospitals, how about doing it for yourselves. Protecting the ability of those with severe mental illness to get the help and support they need protects the communities they live in.

I have lived in many different states across this country, and I AM PROUD TO CALL ARIZONA HOME. It has been a dream of ours for many years to live in Arizona. Last year, we had the pleasure to move to this amazing state. For the first time ever, we have chosen public schools. It is not because we can not afford private school. We can. But we made the decision to invest in the community. We share our most precious gift..our children. We are strong contributors of time and extra funds to the local public schools. While I agree there are inefficiencies in government, what I see first hand are the local school's staff and families giving all they can to make Arizona schools the very best they can. But guess what....no matter how much they try, tax revenues are down driven by unemployment, reduction in tourism, etc. It is simple math. If we want the school to maintain at least the same level of services, then we have no choice. We all have to find a way to give more. We can't be selfish in this. It is about Arizona's children. It takes a village to raise them. So I challenge the GREAT STATE OF ARIZONA-- VOTE YES ON 100!

OK everyone. The vote is only 13 days away. We need to hang tough and stare the spendthrifts in the State capitol down NO BLINKING! Vote No!

well, I sort of supported 100 until now.... BUT, I can NEVER support a measure to raise my taxes while the lady we see pushing this measure on TV (our governor Brewer) has just signed in a law that has both major organizations and individuals boycotting Arizona. They'll loose much more than we'd have gained from 100!

I think not. Until our government learns to spend our tax dollars appropriately and frugally we must stop giving in to all these tax hikes. Our school systems are a wreck and need fixed anyway with high administration counts and retainment of poor teachers.

I have a great idea for a television commercial that will connect to the hearts of Arizona voters. Someone in charge of making commercials for "Yes on 100" should make a commercial similar to the start of every "Without a Trace" television episode. On that show, the main character of that episode disappears in the first scene. For the vote on May 18th, we should have a coomercial where a P.E. teacher, or Art teacher, or Police Office, etc. is doing his or her job as they help citizens or students, then all of a sudden the person disappears from the screen. This would be powerful to voters, especially those Arizonans whom do not know that a No vote on proposition 100 means losing P.E. teachers, Art teachers, Music teachers, and Police officers, among others. That is my suggestion for a commercial to help save our school and public safety officials! Dave

The reason this proposition is being called a 1 cent increase instead of a 0.01% increase is spin (but you knew that and your question was really rhetorical.) The proponents of this bill know most were educated in public schools and can't really connect the dots. It is the same reason there is nothing on sale for $#.00 marketers think you can't figure out $#.99 is really $# + $1.

Why do all the fliers I'm getting pushing this prop call it a 1 cent increase to the sales tax when it is really a 1 PER cent increase to the sales tax. There is quite a difference, and I think it is a bit deceptive to advertise it thus. I think we really need to learn to make do with what we already have. Another tax increase, temporary (yeah, right!) or not, is not the answer. I vote no.

This is what we are funding? Get real. These people can't even speak proper English, let alone educate your kids. Your kids are being propagandized and turned in to leftist drones. I urge everyone to watch this youtube video, turn off Oprah and start thinking for a change. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdREEcx0-Qc&feature=player_embedded

Isn't it time tro request and demand RESPONSIBLE government? We need to shut them off. Worried about ASU, the leader is worth $6 million a year, get serious, look at their curriculum and tell me the socialist classes are worth a dime. Our school administrators are doing a good job, for years a friend maintenance personnel, told how they dug holes in the desert and buried brand new equipment coolers etc to use up annual budget so wouldn't get cut next year. Maybe we really don't need all kinds of counselors and teach real education subjects, reading writing and arithmetic. Quit education spanish speaking, not our job, every citizen should speak english.

A little frustrated that your campaign contacted me on a Sunday with a tape recorded message during our family dinner. Shame, shame!!!

It is amazing that this website to promote a "Yes" vote on Prop 100 never lets the reader read the bill it just tells their side of the coin. What are you hiding? Maybe this group should hire economics teachers that will explain what will happen to people when they buy a new car under Prop 100 and have an additional 1% to pay. Also when the teachers Union that helped elect Pres Obama has the Bush tax cuts expire this year how much they will get to pay in capital gaines and a raising of their income tax levels. So much more they won't talk about. It is going to be a lot more than just 1%.

All the money being spent pushing Prop 100 could be used in the schools. My wife and I are retired and no COLA was give in 2009 nor this year and we have to just "suck it ip." The schools and the rest need to "suck it up" also instead of taxing Arizonans to death with more taxes. What an oxymoron to use "A Temporary three year Sales Tax." In Arizona, every temporary Sales Tax has become permanent. Fact! Arizona Schools can go to a four day week as three other States have done. Make longer school days. Bid out transportation and Bus Maintenance services, saving Tucson Taxpayers of a Million dollars a year! Lets all get real. This Blog and web site are funded by Special Interests and the truth is not all here. They have a vested interest in promoting Prop 100 and scaring parents of School kids and the public in General. How often have we heard.."No more Sports, No more Bands, No more outside activities"...it has all been used before. We are NOT voting for Prop 100 and are sending in our early ballots Today. I urge everyone to seriously look at the issues and the facts...all the facts and alternative solutions to the problem. Not adding another Tax to "We the People" and create websites like this to "sell" your vote to them. Beware of your Yes vote in Tucson as it will cause a City half cent sales tax to also be added. Bet Tucson taxpayers have not been told that yet either. NO ON 100

Nice to see the smart people are mostly voting NO in this blog. Let's get real. Somebody said U S taxes are lowest in world. Not if Europe and Canada are considered. Not to worry Obama will make sure you get to pay more taxes. Also Obama will make sure you get taxed a bunch for supposed free medical care for all. Students turned out so far in our schools are making it as well as the general public. Which is to say they are NOT too well educated with what they are getting now. Will 1% change that? I don't think so. As one blogger said they may have to go to a lecture type situation. So let them. I don't think the students will be any dumber or smarter than what they are getting now. Finally the money is not ear marked for any of these problems so it will disappear along with current monies. Rest assured in 3 years they will find ALL the reasons to keep this tax. GET REAL give them more they will SPEND IT. I am voting NO on my mail in ballot today.

Don't you dare paint teachers in that light. Just as in EVERY profession, there are a few bad apples, which is what stereotypes are based on. That is why is bad to stereotype. I am a teacher, and I am an excellent role model for my students. (By the way, one of the things I teach them is not to stereotype!) I am not voting YES because I am spoiled or because I want to cry and whine about the state of education. I am voting YES because I know that a classroom of 40+ students will severely damage our students' education. I teach high school math, which is a very hard subject for many students. If I have a classroom of over 40 next year, I literally won't even have 30 seconds for each child after I teach to lesson to see if they understand or answer their questions. Do you really want K-12 education to turn into a lecture hall format like college, where the students sit and listen to a lecture and then are left to figure everything out on their own, possibly never even having a conversation with the teacher?! As someone who takes her job very seriously and works hard every day to make sure that my students get a quality education, I am a complete counterexample to your negative statements, as are almost all of my colleagues. To anyone else reading this blog: Vote the way your heart tells you, but please do not use his incorrect stereotyping of teachers to make your decision. Prejudice and stereotypes are the last thing anyone should be using to make important decisions.

I have early voted NO. I worked my entire adult life for the Federal Government and know a little about wasteful spending. Throwing more money at the budget problems is not the answer. The school systems are so full of bureaucrats and so clogged up is it any wonder American children are left behind? I have been an adjunct professor and have done some teaching and while I used to feel it was an honorable professional I find the attitudes of the teachers today wanting. They seem like spoiled children and seem interested in being "pals" with students instead of strong leaders and role models. TV cameras showing teachers crying and hugging students at prop 100 meetings does not show leadership and adult mentorship. Nothing I've seen or heard could convince me to vote yes.

How much is the gov't spending on paper and postage to try and get us to vote for more money for them? Will they ever get enough?

There are already several "temporary" 1/2 or 1 cent sales tax increases that have never been removed. And whatever happened to the lottery money that was suppose to go towards the school systems. When the gov't stops wasting my money, then I might be willing to vote for an increase, but right now....NO! The governor can take a pay cut first as well as the rest of our overpaid elected officials.

Is it possible to vote by mail? If so, how do we go about it?

To this person claiming Americans are so lowly taxed. Have you ever spent time in socialist Europe? Do you realize eating out at a casual restaurant for a family of four, say TGIF's will cost you about $100? It is a luxury. Do you realize everything costs 2,3, 4 sometimes 10 times as much? Everything. $25 worth of groceries will cost you, $75. America was built on individualism and self reliance. Wake up, America before it is too late and everything that made you great and the wealthiest country the world has ever known will be gone and you'll be just another lackluster socialist state.

If Americans are one of the least taxed countries in the world, it is because until this year, we were also the most free. That is because most other nations are either socialist, or dictatorships. The power of the purse is the most potent power a free people have to control government rather than government controlling the people. Our current crop of legislative failures need to rework the budget and really get serious about cutting non-essential functions including employees to balance the budget. Don’t forget the state, counties, and cities also collect property taxes, income taxes, and additional sales taxes. It isn’t just the state that is collecting taxes. No on 100.

Just trying to figure this out from the comments I have read. What I am hearing I do not understand. I attended public school for all of my primary education. No one but my parents paid for my notebooks, paper, pens and pencils. I paid for my lunch and although we sometimes arrived at school at 7am, If we didn't have breakfast at home we had to wait for lunch - that our parents supplied the lunch money for. Our schools all had a dress code and blue jeans and t-shirts were not allowed. We had to wear slacks and collered shirts again that our parents paid for. So am I now being told that I am paying for the notebooks, paper, pens and pencils, breakfasts, and lunches for today's public school students?

This is a time to be thinking of others, not just yourself. Many opponents say "quit taxing" but the truth is that The United States of America is one of the LEAST TAXED countries in the world! If you want education, police, fire, transportation, and someone to save your life when your dying of a heart attack complaining about how much your being taxed, guess what you ....along with everyone else pays for it through taxes. Support this ONE! Just man up and help out our law enforcement they might just save your life. MAN UP and give some pencils and paper to students so the CENT y can read, write, and maybe someday save your life when they grow up to be proud American nurses and doctors.....but no...you'd rather keep that penny...too bad. YES ON 100!!!!!

We have a war going on on our southern border that is spilling over into our state. Our police are getting murdered. Do you think THAT attracts business and capital spending? Let's demand some accountability from our government, both federal and state, rather than giving them more money and leaving yourself with less economic freedom. THINK! Use logic, not emotion.

This isn't about state employees' salaries...if Prop 100 doesn't pass, they are going to cut the money from education. It is not going to make them realize that they need to cut funds internally. If Prop 100 doesn't pass, the only ones hurtng will be Arizona's students.

Every household is making due with less and less in this economy. Yet for some reason 'government' officials and employees are so arrogant to think that they are MORE important than every household and every business in this state, because they do not need to make do with less (like the rest of us are doing). Rather than a temporary 3 yr sales tax increase, let’s do a temporary 3 yr salary reduction for all state employees... Then, there would be no need or lay-offs! Many business have decided to cut employee salaries and reduce benefits in place of lay-offs, why can't the state? Enough with the education cut scare tactics... EVERYONE is making due with less; state employees should be no different.

will I get an absentee ballot automatically if I'm already registered to vote? I will be out of state and would like to support Yes on 100

How about you demand some accountability with the revenue they do collect? Why throw more tax money into the black hole of education? I love it, people flee their high tax, Democrat run sinking ship states like Michigan and California and then turn around and vote the same exact measures and policies into office to destroy more states. Guess what? Soon there won't be any where left to go! Stay in Michigan, California or wherever but don't spread your misery to other places. THEY NEED TO CUT SPENDING ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. We can't be taxed anymore and government needs to shrink and have less control over your lives!

My vote is no. Michael Crow has spent nearly $1 million yes $1 million of valuable taxpayer money to make me and my housemate homeless. He fires faculty he doesn't like and invites costly lawsuits. Taxpayers foot the bills unlike at Columbia where he was vice provost and private funds footed the bills for his bad behavior. All these faculty by the way win their discrimination cases with the EEOC and ASUs abritration committee. If Crow can thumb his nose at the courts and at fiscal and moral responsibility, I will vote no no no and encourage all my friends and neighbors to vote no. ASU has enough money. They dont need more. Crow wastes it.

I just learned something interesting on KPHO TV. It seems that after the City of Phoenix imposed a 2% tax on food they handed out merit and longivety pay raises to city employees. Of course this is an Arizona city and not the State of Arizona but my point is Government cannot be trusted to be responsible with our money they will pass this 'emergency measure' and then have a round of raises on the money intended to keep vital services running. No on Prop 100. here is a link to the news clip: http://www.kpho.com/video/23178972/index.html

How can I obtain a several yard signs signifying support for Prop 100?

If this tax is passed, there is no guarantee that the money will go to fund education and public safety. The money will go to the general fund to be spent as the legislators see fit. No on 100

Be sure the state Legislature doesn't lower business taxes.

Children need more teachers, smaller class sizes, educational field trips related to classes (there are few now), and teachers who are able to teach and not do so much testing.

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