They Get it. They Really Get It


March 16th, 2010 12:49 PM

The biggest job the YES ON 100 campaign has is telling our story across Arizona. We feel like, if we just get out the facts about the seriousness of the state’s economic crisis, voters will understand that this temporary infusion of tax revenue isn’t just the right thing to do … it’s the only thing to do.

Because we believe in this story, it’s especially gratifying when we see people get it – as the Arizona Daily Star did in their lead editorial of Friday, March 12th. Beginning with a call for those who stand opposed to 100 – like our two US Senators – to come up with a plan to save the state, this nice piece of writing lays out a compelling case for YES ON 100.

The part we liked best?

Notwithstanding McCain and Kyl's opposition, the sales-tax proposal, known as Proposition 100, has brought together some unusual entities as supporters. Education groups have offered endorsements - as might be expected, as schools stand to lose tremendously if the budget crisis continues - but business groups and private companies have, too.

These supporters live in Arizona, do business in Arizona and see what is happening to our state. They see the closed highway rest stops and state parks, they see the effects of education cuts in their kids' schools, and they're affected by the reduced state spending on services residents usually take for granted, such as social services and public safety.

Organizations including the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, the Arizona Transit Association, the Arizona Trucking Association, tribal leaders and myriad public-safety and student associations have thrown their support behind Proposition 100. These are groups that no doubt would disagree on many other issues, but they understand why Arizona needs this temporary sales tax - and that the state is out of options.

It is encouraging to see such a cross section of Arizonans join together in support of Proposition 100. Many of the supporters, including Gov. Jan Brewer, are predisposed to argue against tax increases - but they looked at the situation in Arizona, weighed the evidence and came to the conclusion that Arizona needs the tax increase to get through the crisis.

Arizona is at a perilous juncture where we can build for the future or let this budget crisis decimate the state. It's not enough to say "no" to new taxes - we need real options for bringing in revenue, because cutting and cutting won't be enough.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Jan Brewer has ruined our economy and it is only getting worse. I recognize your concern for education...we are way behind here in Arizona...but I will vote no. I don't want to do anything to aid this governor and the Republicans who apparently have nothing better to do than make up stupid laws that allow anyone to carry a concealed weapon or kill themselves on their cell phones. This state government needs to wake up.

Unless we change direction in this nation soon, we will not have a country left. We will be just like Greece and the other socialist countries; BROKE! Lets not spend money we do not have. Vote NO on more and more taxes!!

Vote NO on 100 Then protest legally the cuts to schools, and force Goverment to cut Thier own wastefull Herds. They work for us not the other way around !

"Arizona needs the tax increase to get through the crisis....? Really? How about, AZ taxpaying citizens need a tax decrease to get through this crisis. Gov money goes to waste, private spending of moeny grows economies. Best way to start recovering is to avoid this 18% increase in our taxes. Private citizens spending garners the most benefit for all citizens.

OK everyone. The vote is only 13 days away. We need to hang tough and stare the spendthrifts in the State capitol down NO BLINKING! Vote No

Why is it that the company that laid me off didn't concider this? Could it be that they just couldn't tax the way the state does? I understand and really sympathize with those that may be shut out unfortunately as I was told business is business. I don't draw unemployment or anyother type of "economic security" from the state and don't plan on starting either.

I understand that another tax increase is hard to swallow, but if we don't pass Prop 100, it will cost the state more in the long run. Increase in unemployment (which leads to more people being on AHCCCS), AHCCCS(when people can't get health care they wait until it is an emergency, which is more expensive to treat), crime without means to protect the innocent, these will cost the state more in the long run. Everyone is having to tighten their belts and no one likes it, but think of the cost. It is our responsibility to educate our children and protect those who cannot protect themselves. YES on Prop 100!!!

A penny here, a penny there and pretty soon the citizen is broke but the government just gets bigger.

I agree that they need to wake up and find others ways to fix the problem rather than just cutting from education. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that they won't...they will just make the cuts from education. We are being forced to make the choice between a penny extra on each dollar we spend and forever changing the quality of our children's education. I cannot in good conscience make the decision for our children and their future to suffer because the politicians have screwed up. Can you? Vote YES on 100

Don't get me wrong, I am all for the increase if it will actually do some good. BUT, people, wake up and think, didn't, just a little while ago, some City high officials get a whapping bonus while others were layed off?? And how dare you threaton us with education cuts when we are so far behind other countries. This country is going to hell fast thanks to those tired dead beat politicians that are looking to load up their pockets instead of looking out for what is best for AMERICA.

I do not think it is selfish to tell the government "beyond this point you shall not go!" or "beyond this amount of tax you shall not collect!" NO on regressive taxation.

It is selfish to be concerned about just a penny of your money instead of drastic cuts that will ruin our students' futures...have you ever tried learning math in a classroom with over 40 students? I am one of the biggest savers/spendthrifts you will ever find, but I am voting YES on Prop 100 because it is the right thing to do for our students and their future. Anyone who has a child in their life that they care about should be able to see that.

I moved from PA to AZ a few years ago to take a job as a high school teacher in a rural community. Budget cuts cost me my job last year and I spent 5 months unemployed before I found another teaching position in the greater Tucson area. Budget cuts have now again cost me my job ... though my building administrator has told me that I'm on the short list to be hired back ... but I'm starting to wonder what the point is. If I'm hired back, I'll be making less money than I made when I first moved to Arizona. Not only will my district cut teacher salaries by 2% but there's a chance that my high school will require teachers to give up their conference period and to teach an additional class without additional pay. I know this is a tough economy. I still have a home in PA that hasn't sold and I now own a home in rural AZ that is also on the market. I'm pretty much at the end of my financial rope and I'm starting to wonder why I'm still teaching. I watch the news with considerable envy about executives who received large bonuses even after their corporations received Federal bail out money. I cannot help but wonder, where is our stimulus? Where is our piece of the proverbial pie? Why is our Federal government not helping our schools? Although it hasn't been easy, I've met my financial obligations. I've been paying my two mortgages. I'm pretty much living hand to mouth while slowly draining my life savings to help offset monthly expenses ... and to what end? I have now lost two jobs in two years ... and if I'm hired back, I'll be doing more work for less pay. This makes no sense to me. I am now being asked to vote yes for prop 100 in the vague hope that this will at least keep me gainfully employed as a teacher for another year. I cannot help but wonder what our Federal government would do if we simply allowed our schools to collapse for lack of funding. Our national government has been very keen to support the automotive industry and our nation's banks ... but what about our schools? Arizona is already ranked #49 in state spending for public education. There's precious little that can be trimmed without having a negative impact on the quality of existing programs. At what point do we say that enough is enough?

What I understand is that if this tax is passed my nominal sales tax at the register will be 9.1% at a time when I am spending all of my income and some savings to get by each month WITHOUT asking the State for a handout. No one is happy to see cuts in education, but if keeping more of my income and staying off of State Handouts means that children won’t be able to develop their creativity and find their passions at my expense that is what it will have to be. I guess parents will just have to reassume more of the responsibility for the education and rearing of their children and quit expecting the State to do it all! I can only assume that people in favor of prop 100 are still employed - possibly by the State? I vote no on Prop 100 because now is not the time to be raising taxes especially Sales Taxes!

What several of you don't seem to understand is that voting No on Prop 100 won't make the state revise their budget and make cuts from elsewhere. I wish we lived in a state that would find other places to cut money besides education, but that just isn't going to happen. So, if you vote No on Prop 100 hoping that will make the state reallocate and find other ways to balance the budget, you will surely be disappointed. If Prop 100 doesn't pass, our schools will be the ones fighting to make up for that lost money. Our students will be the ones to suffer. Do you really want our children going to school in rooms of more than 40 students, where they don't have a chance of getting one-on-one help from the teacher or having their questions heard and answered because the class is just too big? Do you want them going through elementary school without libraries, art, music, and PE or the chance to develop their creativity and find their passions? That is exactly what will happen if Prop 100 doesn't pass. I guarantee you that the state WILL NOT find other places to cut the money. They should, but they have made it clear that they won't. That is just the state we live in. Don't punish our students for that. We are talking about an extra penny on each dollar you spend. An extra 20 cents on your next 20 dollar purchase isn't worth it to you to make sure that our children grow up with a quality education and become well-educated people who can go to college? We need to pass this tax. Please vote YES on 100!

NO MORE TAXES! Make do just like everyone else.

To the poster noting that infrastructure projects are booming in Phoenix and that this seems contrary to a tax raise: The bonds for road projects were passed years ago BY VOTERS. The construction you see now was the result of a vote many years ago. One cannot associate current road-building projects with Prop 100. It is a weak argument and there is little or no connection.

From AZ "500 Maricopa County workers got raises despite cuts" "The salary increases totaled about $1.2 million. The raises ranged from as little as $29.12 more a year to as much $26,624 more a year, although most employees got raises somewhere in the middle. About 120 employees each received more than $3,000 in pay raises" DO YOU STILL THINK THE STATE NEEDS A SALES TAX INCREASE? NO on PROP100 NO NO NO!

Being a Phoenician all my life I owe this state for my education and owning a business here which has suffered with the downturn. I understand also when the state is broke and could use a hand and I for one will vote "YES on prop 100" and also think a penny is not enough. I do not believe that just the government is at fault here as a perfect storm has hit the country and has hurt other states as well.

No on 100. No, No, NO! So, we need a tax to prevent cuts to public safety, health, and education do we. Why these three areas who is prioritizing the budget? I see road widening projects going on all over Maricopa county...why in a time of economic emergency are we building and improving roadways? How much does a road cost per square foot bet we could use that money better somewhere else. If you slash budgets you do it on things you can get along without for awhile. Some on this blog actually have the audacity to complain that Roadside rest area's are being closed; that the cost of college tuition is going to go up! How shallow it that? So we want to rob from everybody, but the burden will fall mostly on the poor, so some can go to college and others can pull into a rest stop to pee! College is not primary education, not secondary education, it is tertiary education you want it pay for it. I did. Now lets talk about jail - dress all prisoners in black and white striped denim and feed them beans and rice 6 days a week and let them have beans and franks and rice and salad on sunday if they behave. That is what I am eating since I lost my job. Why should we pay to treat them better than our law abiding poor.

I agree that our state is in crisis, and I agree we need more money to go to parks, recreation, school age programs, schools, education, ect. The problem is the people who write these taxes and propasals. They write or are forced to write in "loop holes" that say policiticians can take from the that "ear marked" money, and you guessed it, put it in the general fund. Or whereever the self perpelling politician deciedes he needs it! NO MORE TAXES!!! Enough is enough! Balance what you have and don't over spend, and STOP pulling funds from important programs. NO on prop 100 - do it a different way and be held responsible!

"TEMPORARY SALES TAX"!? Hah, I've been in the valley for more than 30 years and therehave been many "temorary" sales taxes and few, if many have actually been Temporary. The State can never seem to live within their budget like the rest of us. And when they have funn spending and over-spending they come crying to us the tax payer to approve of giving them more to spend and waiste! The legislators need to be more frugal and tighten their belts!

•150,000 additional K-12 students •11,600 additional prisoners •475,000 new AHCCCS enrollees Thats 637,000 people that can't afford this TAX! This tax should be on luxery items, Cars, housing, Sports, boating, Jewery, ect. not food, clothing and medicine. Straighten out this bill or I'm voting NO!!!

I witnessed with disbelief and disgust the news about the Arizona budget. Is this the best our brightest can do? If so, we're in a lot worse shape than I thought. Last I knew, the new budget would raise taxes AND slash education, public safety services and medical funding, especially to those who need it most. This not only a cold and in-compassionate act against our own people, but will further weaken Arizona's economy. A boost in taxes, especially a sales or food tax, only punishes the poor, a quickly growing number of people here, and everywhere. If we must raise taxes in a time when so few of us have a cent to spare, a tariff tied to the highest private and commercial tax brackets makes better sense. The "balanced" budget would effectively cut a whopping 350,000 people from AHCCCS (and likely put an end the food stamps they badly need), as well as put more people out of work. This is something expected more from the court of Marie Antoinette, not the sensible actions of a concerned government. It also makes poor economic sense. Taking away medical care and food stamps (which is a money generator, cited to create more spending than a tax cut) will leave hundreds of thousands of our citizens on the precipice of disaster. A single significant injury or illness could push them to financial ruin. This will not add jobs, broaden the tax base, reduce foreclosures, decrease crime or help us in any way recover, and cost the state more than it will save. Almost no one will qualify for AHCCCS, which will translate to a death sentence to scores of Arizona citizens denied coverage. These are not the lawless or lazy, these people are you and me, the neighbor who lost his job and does not have the money for medical insurance, and barely can pay his rent or mortgage. If this budget is passed, countless numbers of good people will lose their homes, their health, maybe their lives. Crime will rise, homelessness will rise, and we all be ashamed we let it happen. This Draconian measure is not a solution; it will only serve to do greater long-term damage to our state and its people, and make us all take pause and wonder, who out there is on our side? It is unclear to me if Prop 100 will save education, public safety or the state's health care system but I do know we need to do better.

I am the Phoenix Union High School District Classified Employees Association Vice President and one of the past co-chairs for the Yes for Phoenix Union override campaign. I walked the streets of Phoenix and called the residence who were overwhelming in support of education. I call on that support today to continue what was started in Phoenix and take this support for Education and Public Safety to a new high. Let the state legislators know Arizonans care about our state.

I'm the executive director of a charter high school. The difference in next year's budget if this sales tax doesn't pass is huge. If we pass this small sales tax, the tiny impact to our personal budgets has a huge positive impact on the budgets of schools, non-profits, and public safety.

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