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By Yes on 100 Team, March 16th, 2010 5:19 PM

Let’s start there, with complete honesty: Few among us want to pay higher taxes. Especially not in an economy that continues to struggle. Not with a mortgage to pay, bills, a family to support.

Why dig deeper into your pocket? Why vote YES ON 100?

Because we need to protect the core services all of us in Arizona - our children, our grandparents, our neighbors – rely on every day.

You will hear a lot of rhetoric and a lot of spin about Proposition 100, the temporary one-cent sales tax that goes before Arizona’s voters on May 18th. This Web site is where you can come to get the truth.


Education. Public safety. Health care.

In the past year, Arizona government has been cut by more than $1 billion. More than 10 percent of the state workforce has been let go. K-12 schools have been hit especially hard. The same with Corrections and services for the sick and poor.  

For all those cuts, another $1 billion in reductions will occur soon – even with the passage of Proposition 100.

YES ON 100 is the temporary boost Arizona needs to sustain our schools and give more than 1 million students the chance to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. YES ON 100 will protect our neighborhoods by helping to keep police and firefighters on our streets, and it will provide essential help to those in need.

It’s the truth: Few among us want to pay higher taxes. But YES ON 100 speaks to a higher truth: No one wants to live in state that can’t meet its basic responsibilities.

Education. Public safety. Health care.

That’s why Arizona Republicans and Arizona Democrats support YES ON 100. And teachers, police officers and firefighters. And Chambers of Commerce, small businessmen and mom-and-pop shop owners. And citizens from every corner of the state.

Check back on this site often - whenever you need a dose of honesty in the midst of this election campaign. And, please, vote YES ON 100.

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Now that this has passed I hope someone other than school districts are in charge of where the funds go-otherwise it will be put into the pockets of administrators or they will create useless admin jobs for their buddies and classrooms and teachers will see nothing.... I hope someone is responsible for the distribution of funds OTHER THAN school districts!!!!

It has been a lot of work, to try and get the word out! We held two public meetings, but the problem is you can not advertise it on school or government establishments or their time. Please view the videos that Kelly of Van Shaar productions made. The speakers represented school, hospital, county sheriff office, County Board of Supervisor, Representative Bill Konopnicki, and Aaron Sandeen the director of YES on 100 of Arizona. Just hearing their information makes sense to vote yes. I am a mother of five, grandmother of two grandchildren, and finally got my Associates degree of general studies last year! I am working on my bachelor's degree of Elementary Education with emphasis of music and PE. Dr. Tregaskes is a brilliant man, and he is our school superintendent of Safford School district. If Proposition 100 does not pass, we will have no Music, P.E. or art in our elementary schools and many more cuts. As you know, 1/3 of the children in the U.S. are obese causing major health problems. It is proven that music makes children smarter. I add also happier. I am a hospice singing volunteer and I know from studying that at the time of passing, that certain music especially harp, etc can change heart, breathing, temperature, pain threshold, etc. I watch the children as they sing with their music teacher and the children are happier and relate better to each other! I feel it makes sense to keep music!! Playing instruments takes concentration and discipline. I took cello this last semester with Mr. Frank Alvarez at Eastern Arizona College. I can testify that playing an instrument takes work! Having an advance violinist and violist in my family, I know the many hours it takes. Our county sheriff talks about the public safety issue. All the speakers were wonderful and intelligent in all they know and said. Please watch the summary and full video. An 8-minute summary of the meeting can be found on YouTube at this address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9l2U_rvIkk and the Full version video: YesOnProp100-Graham_County.wmv Please vote YES on Proposition 100!! Thank you! Debbie Adams (928) 348-7118 Email: debadams@cableone.net

Dear Friends: Thank you to all the speakers who spoke at the Graham County YES on Proposition 100 Rally! It is wonderful to be educated on this urgent matter. Speakers on rally video include: Dr. Mark Tregaskes – Superintendent, Safford Unified School District, Joe Farnsworth – Superintendent, Pima Unified School District, Patrick Peters – President and CEO, Mount Graham Regional Medical Center, Preston J. Allred – Graham County Sheriff, Mark Herrington – Supervisor District #3, Graham County Board of Supervisors, Representative Bill Konopnicki – Representative District #5, Arizona House of Representatives, and Aaron Sandeen –Yes on Prop 100 Campaign Director. Thank you to Kelly of Van Shaar Productions for video taping and publishing this urgent meeting! An 8-minute summary of the meeting can be found on YouTube at this address: www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9l2U_rvIkk You can also find it by going to YouTube and searching for 'Graham County Prop 100'. Comments may be shared as well on the YouTube website. Comments may be shared as well on the YouTube website. We also invite you to link to this video from your own web site, blog, or Facebook page to help us spread the word. You can find the link/embed info on the YouTube page. Also, the Full version video: YesOnProp100-Graham_County.wmv link is available. Graham County 4 Prop 100 Facebook sign up page: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=112347278795365 YES on 100: yeson100.com/ Please share this important message! Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Dr. Mark Tregaskes - (928) 428-7328, Deborah Adams (928) 348-7118 debadams@cableone.net and Adina Morris - adinamorris@cableone.net ____________________________________________________________ Van Shaar Productions Video Production - Original Music - 3D Logos - Music on Hold - Web Design www.vanshaar.com 928.965.7317

WOW, I am just gobsmacked. I don't think this is going to pass and I am voting no on Prop. 100. No more blank checks. The problem is that cuts have to be made, and the govt has to spend the money we GIVE them better, and until they do I'm voting NO on this or any other tax hike that comes along. I can't stand the bullsh*t "There's only one way to protect Arizona's students, our neighborhoods and the safety net we need. Vote YES ON 100." Well, I don't think for one minute that voting yes on this proposition is going to SAVE anything. Some things shouldn't be saved, and that includes some teachers' jobs. I have put 2 children through the public school system here in Chandler (A++ schools of course) and I am utterly unimpressed with the product. They took a GIFTED child, failed to notice he has ADD (inattentive type) and allowed him to founder in their schools. He was a child who LOVED to learn and after going through CUSD they produced an extremely jaded and cynical adult, who saw the BS for what it is in what passes as "honor" courses and "advanced placement" classes. What a freakin' joke. This school system looks at kids as numbers and just keeps plug-plug-plugging them into whatever slot they can to mark them off the list. I have a 6th grader, and I am about 90% sure I'm going to put her into a private or charter school. You wrecked two of my kids, I don't think I'll going to let you squander my third child's opportunities in your abysmal school system. And no, you can't have any additional of my tax dollars via this proposition.

If we deport all of the illegal immigrants, get them out of our schools and out of our welfare systems- we wouldn't even need to consider another tax. This prop is just one more reason why 1070 is a GOOD thing. No on Prop 100!

Prop 100, in my opinion, is a scare tactic being used by the government to force us to pay more taxes for services that, by law, they are obligated to provide. So much literature that I have read reminds us that this is going to expire in three years, so don't worry. However, a 2/3 vote by the legislature will extend the tax. Do you think in three years we won't see a 2/3 yes vote by the legislature? That's another issue that worries me. Yet, without this tax, schools will have even more funding cut. They don't allow teachers to make copies so they can get homework worksheets printed, but a school in the north valley just installed Smart Boards in all of their classrooms over the past summer? uhm... yeah... With children in school, I see how the teachers struggle in the classroom, but there is still so much waste (ie, the Smart Boards, seriously?!). Juv facilities will be closed if they don't sway us to vote yes. Guess we don't need those so much if a 1 cent sales tax won't keep those around. As if we didn't have juv facilities in 2004? No more house calls to homes for CPS? Guess the safety of abused children don't matter anyway. But we can provide cash services to folks without any form of ID? What to do... What to do...

Let me preface this comment by saying I already voted yes on Prop. 101 for our teachers and first responders. With that said this Proposition is a fix so our government can keep wasting our tax dollars, and fill the special interest, and lobbyist pockets with money. The more money we put in the more gets wasted by our criminal politicians. Lead criminal is Jan Brewer. This stupid mother of a dog is ruining this state. Why do we keep putting money into education and we still rate at the bottom in the country in quality of education? Because Jan Brewer signs bills that make "Trap and Skeet' shooting clubs salary exempt!!! Because she signs SB1070 which is going to make the money Sheriff Joe the dufus has lost us in lawsuits look like a drop in the bucket. Because she keeps her cronies dipping into our pockets while raising our already outrageous sales tax. Because she endorses the biggest waster of tax payers money, Sheriff Joe Asspile. Because we give raises to our legislators to get higher quality people in these positions and we end up with IDIOTS that make it legal to carry a concealed weapon without training, carry a weapon in a bar, claim illegal racial profiling is somehow, magically legal to fix a problem that they really do not want fixed, and waste our money and time endorsing, debating, and passing bills that help NO ONE. No more bailouts for this state from me. The next bailout Arizona will see from my native Arizonan ass is when my family and I bailout of this backwards, ignorant, and graftful God forsaken state!

This web site gives just enough information to indicate that we should all vote NO.

"Keep in mind that Arizona has never supported public education robustly (almost lowest K-12 per student spending among states for many years) and that recent cuts have lead to job losses for administrators as well as teachers." Maybe... but take the illegals out of that equation and we move up the comparative funding ladder nicely. But since we have so many illegals draining our funds, its easy to calculate the above as a bad thing. The good news is that we are sooo generous with hard working and tax paying citizen's dollars we spend it on more than the citizens of our state. We lack funding? Can't have it both ways. VOTE NO.

The AZ Star’s series on Proposition 100 underscored the overwhelming need for additional funds for state services, especially education. It also illuminated concerns by some – that reducing waste could eliminate the need for a tax increase, that the tax is regressive, that it will cause job losses, or that the money won’t be used as promised. Keep in mind that Arizona has never supported public education robustly (almost lowest K-12 per student spending among states for many years) and that recent cuts have lead to job losses for administrators as well as teachers. It’s hard to squeeze blood from a turnip! It’s true that a sales tax is regressive but that’s the only option the Legislature has given us. Job losses? – even the dueling economists agree that jobs will be saved on balance – and future jobs will depend on an educated workforce. And the best way to assure that the money is spent appropriately is to elect a supportive governor – either Jan Brewer or Terry Goddard. Vote YES on 100. PS I agree that this website should provide more specific details on how the money will be spent, but to get a pretty good idea, go to the AZ Legislature's website (www.azleg.gov) and look at the 2 budgets they passed - one w/ and one w/o the additional sales tax revenue.

Since HC cost are going to go down due to obamacare we should take that savings and add 18% more in taxing ourselves!!!? But wait: National Spotlight ((5/6/2010) UHC Modernization memo) CMS Chief Actuary: Health Spending to Increase Under Reform Law A new report issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Office of the Actuary predicts that the total federal cost of new health reform legislation will be about $828 billion during fiscal years 2010 through 2019. The report said that the new demand for health services could result in price increases and cost-shifting with new fees and excise taxes likely to be passed on to consumers in the form of higher drug and device prices and higher premiums. Never mind, we're screwed. VOTE NO.

The truth is, according to obama, "Now is not the time to make a profit!" I imagine that goes for governemt too. Or is the cause of no profits exempt? Why does gov just keep taking from citizens when they should be forgoing profits?? Why should gov profit in a bad economy? biden: "Its time to give..., get in the game." Government excluded again? Get in the game and START CUTTING

This website does not give enough information. I have a few questions before I made my decision, and right now, I could go either way. I understand that 2/3 of the money raised from this tax hike will go towards primary and secondary education and 1/3 will go towards public safety. What I would like to know is: What part of the 2/3 is going towards primary education and what exactly is that money funding? What are you defining as secondary education; college? As for the 1/3 towards public safety, there are many areas of public safety, so what exactly will be funded? Also, why aren't these outlined in the ballot? These are things I'd like to know before I made my decision. Thank you,

Last time this happended they were going to "save education" then they fired teachers and the beaurcrats kept their jobs and got raises.. they will do it again. Lies Lies Lies.http://www.americansforprosperity.org/042810-prop-100-dont-get-fooled-again

Canterra Homes is in support of Proposition 100. We are voting YES. We have also tweeted, blogged and facebooked our support. We need to support education and public safety now! Please joing Canterra Homes and vote YES on Proposition 100.

In this section I count 29 blogs right now. It appears that 18 of them either state they are voting NO or leaning that way and never really saying it. I hope they follow through and vote NO NO NO. It would appear that the electorate is still smart enough to see a scam when our elected officials want more money instead of realistic cost cutting. Please encourage all your friends to vote NO also. Only problem with voting this down as I hope we will, is that you can rest assured they will find some other way to get in your pockets. Lets get this out of the way now and wait to see what is the next proposal. Can we dare hope they will get smart enough to make some realistic cuts? I hope so.

From AZ Central.com: "Arizona could shift prison and court costs to counties if sales-tax vote fails" Seems to me what this article says is that regardless of proposition 100 passing or failing that our taxes are going to go up because the state will just shift the costs to the counties! Our legislators are abject failures. They don't have any intestinal fortitude! They simply will not do what needs to be done! Instead they lay the decision off on the people. Then tell us that it just doesn't matter they will just play 3 card monty with the budget and the people will pay in the end. What needs to be done is ending some of the programs that need to be ended. Give me the athority and I will fix the budget crisis! I propose just walking into state buildings and layoff 1/5 of all state employees I find in them. I think I that would make a good start on solving the budget crisis. Admittedly it probably won't be the best solution but what can you do when the people that are supposed to know what to do won't?

I am teacher, and I am begging you to vote YES on 100. I agree that the state has royally screwed up our budget and that they should find other ways to fix the problem. However, the bottom line is that they are going to make the cuts in education if the bill doesn't pass. Not passing the bill will not cause them to rethink their decision and cut the costs elsewhere. You want the facts...if this bill doesn't pass, elementary schools in my district will have to cut all "specials." That means no art, music, PE, band, choir, orchestra, or libraries for elementary school students! I don't think any of us want our children to go to school like that. My class size will increase to over 40...I teach high school math, and I can tell you right now that with over 40 students in a room, it will not be possible for me to make sure that everyone understands or answer all of their questions. The government in this state makes me furious, but please do not punish our children because of that. I care about my students and I want them to have meaningful, rich, quality education, which is why I am voting YES. If you care about the education and future of Arizona's children, I ask you to please do the same.

From AZCentral.com: "Arizona's university system would take the greatest percentage cut of any state entity if the proposed 1-cent-per-dollar sales-tax hike fails." Doesn't this mean that if it is passed it will reap the greatest benefit? Education higher than high school is important but not as important as K-12 education and public safety. This article makes me feel better about voting No on prop 100. I believe that the state legislators are ducking the responsibility for their irresponsible actions by not doing what is necessary but I have no problem administering the cure. Vote No on 100.

Looking at the "numbers"... we have "more prisoners", "more students", "more people using state-funded healthcare (AHCCCS)". How many of those are illegal immigrants? How many have NO LEGAL RIGHT TO THOSE SERVICES? How many DESERVING citizens and legal residents are without those services because illegal immigrants are stealing them? Furthermore, how many hundreds of millions of OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS are being wasted here? And lastly - would we even BE in this mess if we had those hundreds of millions of dollars back (going back X number of years...)???

Just how much money does Arizona need? We alresdy pay outrageous taxes. Sales tax, State Income taxes, Property taxes, The state taxes our food, our water, even the air we breathe, I even pay a tax for "storm water" - whatever that is. There is just no end to the money government wants. It has to stop and now is as good a time as any. Call it an intervention. Our legislators are hooked on public (your) money. Its time for them to take the cure. I thought Arizona was peopled by those with a Pioneer spirit, not dependent on government for everything. No on 100. 43 days until we can defeat this at the polls.

I see a lot of talk about Elementary and High Schools, but not much towards the university/college level. I myself am an instructor that teaches foundations classes at three different schools. I already see the budget cuts affecting the colleges that I work at here in the valley. I would like to see/have more information on how it affects the college/university level for both students and for Adjuncts like myself.

I work at a non-profit company serving Southern Arizona, largely funded by our tax dollars. The majority of the work we do is really great, but there are aspects to it that are not. I see Proposition 100 in a similar light. On a regular basis, I personally watch our tax dollars questionably being spent on individuals who very well might not be legal citizens – and we are not requested to, nor required to check for most programs. Given the situation Arizonians are in right now, isn’t it time we focused on our citizens? How much money is being spent on education, healthcare, etc. on people who do not deserve it? I am straddling the fence between various mainstream ideologies right now. I want to help the less fortunate, but I don’t want to fund programs that serve anyone who isn’t a citizen of the United States. In addition, I feel there is a lot of waste and excess in the public agencies I deal with on a regular basis. Not only do the majority of them have horrible customer service, but on occasions when I have visited their offices, they have excess staff working so leisurely it’s angering to watch. It’s unfortunate that education is being targeted by our elected officials due to our economic situation as I personally have seen other areas that could use some ‘management’ to say the least. Visit your public offices, get involved, stay involved, and decide for yourself based on your experiences how your tax dollars are being spent – make an informed decision not based on what I’ve told you, but based on what you see and experience. At this time, I support our children, and I truly feel (because I am a parent and have visited our local schools), that my school district needs assistance. I don’t know that Proposition 100 is the best way to do it, I think cut backs in other programs and a re-allocation of funds is in order along with strict validation of everyone enrolled in schools, receiving healthcare, etc.

one, two, three, four, pink-slip; one, two three, four, pink-slip..."Its a tough choice but the right choice for Arizona." Vote no on 100.

The administration of Arizona State University has shown itself to be arrogant and detached, and therefore undeserving of further tax increases. For example, the people, acting in their sovereign capacity, approved an initiative prohibiting resident tuition rates for illegal aliens. In complete disregard of the popular will, the president began a campaign to obtain financial support so that illegal aliens could continue to attend ASU and effectively pay only the resident tuition rate. If the President of ASU is so good at fundraising, I suggest that he solicit funds to cure the supposed financial crisis, and leave hardworking Arizonans (for whom he has such obvious disdain and contempt) alone.

The Arizona state government is riddled with waste, and it needs to be eliminated before taxes are increased. For example, we have three state universities, each one with a highly-paid President. At one time, they served separate areas of the state, but now, each one is campaigning for students throughout the state. Rather than have three highly-paid presidents, the three state universities should be consolidated, with only one administration.

Why haven't State, County, and City employee's pay been frozen? I think we need to find a new way of counting such as: One, Two, Three, Four, pink-slip, one, two, three, four, pink-slip...for every government employee that sits behind a desk. Bet we could balance the budget then without a tax.

I Propose a 2% Tax on any Goverment Employees Income, That should REALLY help ! VOTE NO on 100

The Elite are all around us. They are self serving in their attemps to extort more money out of the tax payer,Their only concern is keeping Their jobs and the good life in the way they have become use to. Its time to cut the herd,Stop the bleeding. Vote NO on 100

From AZ Central.com: "500 Maricopa County workers got raises despite cuts" "The salary increases totaled about $1.2 million. The raises ranged from as little as $29.12 more a year to as much $26,624 more a year, although most employees got raises somewhere in the middle. About 120 employees each received more than $3,000 in pay raises" DO YOU STILL THINK THE STATE NEEDS A SALES TAX INCREASE? NO on PROP100 NO NO NO!

Yes , Its Layoff time just like the rest of the world. Its funny how goverment jobs never disapear no matter what , but OUR money does ! its a NO

Someone said that it is only a penny. That is correct and add that to the 8.6% I am already paying in sales taxes and that is 9.6%. Also if the state overspent in anticipation of an increased population, then it should be no problem to make the cuts necessary to get by without the sales tax increase. I am still a no.

Cut State Goverment Jobs to save Money, We do not need them all , their Job is not a Right once They Get there.

People Please! This is not a topic to debate on. The facts are that the Arizona government over estimated the projected revenue and spent, spent, spent with the anticipation of having many more people live in our state. When the housing bubble burst that source of income fell....hard. Now we have to make up the difference. Do you really, honestly want your children to go to school with 40 students and one underpaid, over worked teacher? Do you really want a police officer to have less back up when his life is in danger? IT'S A DAMN PENNY! BIG DEAL just vote on this and lets get out of this hole that we dug ourselves out of. People will want to move here if they know we have the common sense to invest in our future and our safety.

The problem is that we have heard this before time and time again,And they always find a way to Fritter the money away, then they come back again and ask for more. Always the same scare tactics , I'm Sorry but this time I have to say NO

Please list exactly what and how this Prop 100 will do for our state. We are 48th in the nation on student spending in education and our teachers salaries are smaller than anywhere else in the U.S. How will this help education in our state??? This site needs to be more specific if you want my vote.

I am a teacher and took a pay cut and will again next year while all of the administration (principals and superintendants) got bonuses and perks and no cuts. Why should I vote YES? We continue to pay administration huge salaries and teachers make next to nothing and their classroom budgets are so small they use their own money for supplies for their kids. I am not sure how to vote...

I think what this website could do is at least present the facts, not the spin on exactly what is IN this Prop 100. I've learned more about the proposal by reading people's comments than the facts actually stated. People are more conscious and aware about laws and propositions being proposed than ever before, and that's a good thing for our state and our country. But we want facts - not rhetoric or sob stories (we all have those lately) Just present the facts and the content of this proposal - let the people make up their own minds, please? People want and need to make informed decisions. You say it will go to keep core services. WHAT core services specifically are you referring to? Education? Where is that proposed money going and how will it improve education? You say to come to this website for the facts and the truth - so far, you've presented neither facts, and without the facts, I dare say we wouldn't be getting the truth. Lack of truth and complete disclosure is what got our country in this mess to begin with. You want my vote - show me exactly what is in this proposal, and more importantly who will benefit from it.

If you want to increase the monies available for this states needed revenues, then it is time to vote Yes to proposition 1000000000000, and vote to cut the wages of all politicians in the state. It is time that these politicians start helping the economy by cutting their wages about 20% or more and bring them back down to our cost levels, if they are forced to pay $4.99 for a loaf of bread and their wages were cut down to an acceptable level equal to the average wage in this state, then they will understand how hard it is to make a families needs meet at the low wages we are getting. It seem that Brewer and her clonies are more than happy to hide a wage increase into the proposals, but they are not willing to "Tight" their belt like the rest of us. I do not see why a governor needs %600K plus in wages and benefits while we have people in this state dieing from the governors neglect. All those in this state (and any other state), start getting together and demand that the politicians start serving us the American People (not foreigners) that have no reason to be here other then to draw free welfare. If people are allowed to draw this welfare(DES), then they need to prove that they have lived in the united states as citizens for at least 5 years, have lived in the state of Arizona for at least one full year and can prove that information without hiding it. Make them speak English, put all forms in English ONLY, and enforce that issue. no more of this "No habla Engless", if you can't speak it then you don't get the services, period, no breaking of the rules. I'm tired of loosing my money and having MY taxes increased so that this government can increase their wages and cut all our necessities. Time to draw the line and either force this government to decrease wages to a reasonable wage close to our wages or get the hell out of office, and give someone that is willing to fight for the people and not for the politicians pockets. And that Includes McCain and his assault team to destroy this state and country. As for anything else, ask the Governor about this thing on requiring us to learn Spanish when this country was founded on the English language. It is time the all government officials drop this BS of making everyone speak a language that is not part of our original countries required language. It is time this country can]me back to its original needs and language requirements, and stop this catering to the Mexicans. Make the Mexicans take a citizenship test that forces them to either understand and speak English or not be allowed (I was returned back to Germany 3 years in a row because I could not speak, read and write and understand English good enough. so it is time to go back to the past and make the old requirements good again.

Hey, death panel guy, might be better for you go take care of your wife and save the posting. Actually, your stupidity may kill her before obama does, so keep posting.

Who in their right mind would vote to increase their own taxes by 17.85% at this time? Just in case: take 5.6 and multiply it by 17.85% additional tax and it equals 6.6(%). This is a tax that EVERYONE must pay, even the ones getting food stamps and other government handouts. These people may think they are exempt from this tax too! THEY ARE NOT! It needs to be made clear to the 50% of people living off other peoples money that if this law passes they will get less money handed to them by others. They may think twice about voting yes to cut down their own redistributed wealth. Start cutting - That's what families we will have to do if this prop passes.

I would like to reiterate the other comment... When has a tax ever been removed once enacted? And why is the first area of attack on the schools and public service instead of removing the useless pet projects? Where is the responsibility within government? Keep taxing and keep spending, ugh! The role of government is supposed to be LIMITED! As for the death panel comment... please, really? You call that getting involved and creating conversation? Try again.

Let’s see… I have lost 2/3 of my income when I was laid-off. I am living on savings mostly. When that is used up, I don't know where my next meal is coming from, and you want me to vote to raise my taxes! Here are some other hard and fast economic rules: 1. All the money that has been dumped into the economy coupled the borrowing that Government has been doing creates inflation, I have seen this phenomena already occurring, It just takes government a year or so to register it. 2. At the current tax rate the government stands to make windfall profits on sales taxes due to just inflation. 3. As I spend more of my total income on necessities like groceries, which are taxed by the government, I pay a larger percentage of tax, sales taxes are regressive. 4. The more money that is poured into schools the less academic achievement we see. 5. No tax is ever temporary and goes away it is just reallocated to some other boondoggle. Until Government shows real fiscal responsibility, and Americans such as me are back at work, I will vote to raise taxes when pigs fly!

please let us help! with the cuts planned my wife will have her life support cut off and she will die, the no is a death sentence for her. Now talk about your death panels!

Please, make old fashioned campaign buttons available. It starts conversations and will give me a way to talk to people about Yes on 100...and I want that opportunity...it would be a way to show support and raise awareness...maybe with the voting date as well

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