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Paulina Morris Supports Prop. 100
May 14, 2010

Provides needed stability and predictability to lead Arizona's recovery [Read More]

EDITORIAL: Arizona Medical Association supports Proposition 100
May 10, 2010

"As concerned members of our community, the physicians of this state, as represented through the Arizona Medical Association, know that reducing or eliminating programs that provide direct patient care is going to be catastrophic for many, and create future problems that will take years to reverse. It is time for us to all pitch in. ArMA supports Proposition 100 and urges all of our citizens to join in the collective effort to help ourselves by voting yes on May 18." [Read More]

Prop 100 a bridge to future
May 4, 2010

So when others say we can't afford Prop 100, I say we can't afford not to pass Prop 100. Our children, citizens and economy need this bridge for today and to safeguard our future. [Read More]

Pass Prop. 100, get AZ off ledge
May 2, 2010

Rejecting Prop. 100 in the hopes that the resulting dire financial situation would force lawmakers into forward-thinking decisions is foolhardy. [Read More]

Goldwater Institute Again Twists Facts; Does Huge Disservice to State, Voters and Arizona Icon
April 19, 2010

"It's disappointing to see an institute that bears such an iconic name distorting the truth at a time when the state is in crisis," said Diane McCarthy, the YES On 100 treasurer who campaigned beside Sen. Barry Goldwater toward the end of his storied career. "Barry always fought for smaller government, but he never would have abandoned schools, neighborhoods and the state's safety net in a moment of critical need." [Read More]

Tax hike support grows
April 18, 2010

"Business people do not like taxes, but if there was a tax that needs to be passed, we believe that Prop 100 is that tax," said J.R. Murray, general manager of Arizona Snowbowl and chairman of the Flagstaff 40 board of directors. [Read More]

Free full-day kindergarten hinges on tax vote
April 14, 2010

Gilbert families will not pay tuition for full-day kindergarten in the fall if voters approve on May 18 a temporary 1-cent increase in the state sales tax. [Read More]

YUHSD's tale of two budgets
April 14, 2010

Even if Prop 100 passes, the district loses 80 percent of its soft capital funds that buy texts, computers, furniture and buses. If it fails, YUHSD loses all soft capital plus its unrestricted capital plus 2 percent cut from its base funding. [Read More]

Deer Valley Schools OK Teacher Layoffs
April 14, 2010

The layoffs come as the district grapples with a budget deficit that could be as high as $26.1 million. That deficit could get cut in half should Proposition 100 -- a one-cent state sales-tax increase -- pass in the May 18 election. [Read More]

If tax fails, Arizona schools' pain will multiply
April 14, 2010

Both supporters and opponents of the tax hike agree that if the ballot measure fails, it will be a shock to the state's charter and district schools. [Read More]


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