Yes on 100 Supporters

Sgt. Jimmy Chavez

Arizona Highway Patrol Association President

"It's important to the citizens of Arizona. They depend on us to be there when they need us."

Jan Brewer

Governor of Arizona

"We're not able to print money. We're not able to do the magic that they can do in Washington, D.C."

Tim Hill

Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

"From the time a fire starts in a home, it takes 6-8 minutes for it to build to a point called flashover...If that happens to a victim in their home or their office building before we can remove them, it is no longer possible to save them."

Rally in the Valley

"It's time to rise above and move forward with education in Arizona."


"It's time to take action. It's one cent. It's your vote. On May 18th, vote YES on 100."

Say Yes

"Say yes to schools that work."


"Prop 100 keeps the promise of education."

Kay McKay

Former Arizona Regent

"I am very conservative about taxation. I absolutely am extremely committed to the fact that we must pass this tax."

Henoeva De La Cruz


"I live from foodbox to foodbox... That's how my kids and I live."

Harold Brister

Single Parent

"I have a son. I love the school that he goes to and I don't want to see any cutbacks."

Leticia Marquez

Retired Teacher

"Votando si a la Proposicion 100 ayudaria mucho, especialmente a la educacion y a los servicios publicos."

Dan Cortez

Valle del Sol, H.L.I.

"Just like we come together when there's a natural disaster, we really need to come together this time for the state of Arizona"

Marty Shultz

Arizona Public Service

"The business community is rallying behind this because they've looked at the numbers, they've looked at the budget, they know how to analyze these kinds of things... they've determined it's the right thing to do."

Amy Bhola


"At some point you have to make a decision that's best for your kids... if we don't pass this proposition and start to fund education... I can't see staying here long-term."

Dana Ortiz

"I feel like Arizona has empowered me. In three months, I will not need to utilize any more state funded programs. My children are safe. I am safe... And it is great pride that I will be able to pay that additional cent"

Arjelia Gomez

COO, Chicanos por la Causa

"Law enforcement, schools; all of us are in this boat together. And if we don't take care of each other, we'll fall together"

John Wright

Arizona Education Association President

"If we're going to have an economy that expands...then we're going to need educated students, high school graduates, and we've got to protect our schools."

Raul Aguirre

Presidente y CEO, R & A Communications

Necesitamos recargar los fondos para educacion, especialmente en este tiempo economico. Es muy importante que hagamos una inversion en los fondos educaciones para ayudar los estudiantes que estan empezando escuela."

Janet Gould


"I teach kids who are relatively poor, they know that education is their way up, and we need to help them."

Jennifer Flores


"We don't think we're going to make it next year. Which programs are going to go, which programs are going to stay, we don't know."

Lydia Aranda

Governor's Latino Advisory Council

"When times are tough and when all the cuts have happened, and there really is no more to get rid of, what we have to do is create income."

Bob Meyer

Phoenix Children's Hospital President and CEO

"I'm convinced at this point in time, we cannot solve our budget crisis and problem, cutting services...particularly on the backs of children...and all kinds of people who need help."


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